Dancing gets you into your body and out of your head.

This matters because getting in touch with our body is how we listen to our subconscious. Work and society keeps us in our minds and we can lose touch with our deepest desires. Learning to listen to the body is learning to listen to the soul.

•Ninety percept of our thoughts are the same thing over and over and over…it is the same with our movements. As we dance expressively, we liberate ourselves from habits and expectations of life and the mind. We explore more connected and creative ways to move in our bodies, and thus through our life.

Dancing barefoot in nature grounds us.

Literally pulling excess energy out of our bodies and putting it safely into the earth. Gets rid of free radicals! These physical sensations bring us into the present moment to enjoy the sunset on this beautiful beach!

Dancing in a group builds community.

Helps us remember that we’re not alone, and the simple act of dancing is called mirroring, and this makes us feel seen and validated