A silent disco that MAKEs A DIFFERENCE

Experience nature, music and dance while supporting the movement to end loneliness.


The Wave Silent Disco is a guided movement experience, held in nature, that catalyzes mental wellbeing in a fun and socially driven way

As eclectic tunes and facilitation stream into your headsets, you are guided on a movement journey into deeper connection with yourself, nature, community and purpose.

The Wave is more than just a dance experience, it also is used as a  “fun-raising” and advocacy platform that promotes social responsibility by raising awareness about the epidemic of lonelines. A portion of our proceeds support ALMA, a UCLArtsandhealing non profit which combats isolation and loneliness among our aging population by promotes social/emotional wellbeing & intergenerational connection.



More than just a dance party, it's a musical
and meditative experience held in nature,
that promotes self care, connection, and
social change.

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Dancing in a group builds community,
helps us remember that we’re not alone, and the simple act of dancing is called mirroring, and this makes us feel seen and validated

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Part of the proceeds of The Wave Silent Disco always benefit a charity. Our primary charity is ALMA, an organisation devoted addressing loneliness through movement & art.


This was by far one of the most magical experiences I’ve had living in LA! I loved the way that Julia guided us and we were so free to dance and connect with each other, the Earth and ourselves. It was liberating, fun and I can’t wait for the next one!
- Amanda Bucci


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